Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to become a member?

Venture Villa is a community of Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and Self-Employed Professionals. The requirement is that your occupation matches one of these categories. We vet every member to ensure that they are legitimate so do not apply if you do not professionally identify with one of these buckets.

How do I apply to join a house?

If you want to apply to a specific house, go to the Locations page and look through the Destinations that are available. When you find the one you want to apply to, enter your name and Email. You will be sent an application to your Email that you must fill out. Once we have that information, we will reach out to you to schedule a video call with one of our Representatives. After the call, we will let you know if you have been selected to join the house. 

If you are not sure which destination you want to go to then head to our Application page and fill out the form. We reach out to you with the trips we have available and set up a video call from there to go through the same process.

Note: Due to the volume of applications we cannot guarantee that you will get the destination you applied to.

What are the demographics of the community?

Venture Villa members have an average age of 27 years old with the range being from 20 – 42 years old. The gender split is 50-50 male/female. We are proud to host members from 30+ Nationalities with the majority coming from North America and Europe.

How many travelers can join per destination?

The number of travelers per Villa is determined by the number of bedrooms where there will be one occupant per room. On each destination (property) page, you will be able to see how many people will be chosen per Villa.

What if I want to come with multiple people?

Members who want to come together must book the destination separately but indicate on the form that they are travelling with people(s). If this is not indicated, our team will not know to match the travellers to the same Villa.

Do I need to apply for a Visa to join?

You are required to make sure that you possess the necessary documentation to visit the Destination that you choose to visit. We can help you by providing guidance and advice for making sure that you have everything you need. We can also provide a sponsor letter if needed.

How does Venture Villa match up members in their destinations?

The purpose of the form is to get high level information on the candidates like gender, age, ethnicity, interests, and job industry. All these factors are taken into consideration to try and match up members with common traits. The video call is where our team can get a deeper understanding of candidates’ backgrounds, professional experience, and motivations for staying with us. The conversation that our reps have with candidates at this stage is what enables us to make better decisions in the matching process by making sure that more nuanced characteristics of each member is taken into consideration.

What is included in a stay?

Every Villa will be fully equipped with furnishings and appliances. Travellers will be sent a list of amenities and appliances that their Villa includes prior to the trip – so pack accordingly. Every Villa will be air conditioned and each traveller will have his/her own bedroom. Bedrooms with an ensuite bathroom will be available to members for an extra cost.

Each stay will also include a free concierge that will be available to travellers 24/7 throughout their stay to answer any questions about the accommodation or the city. Communication with the concierge will be over message and they will not reside in the Villa with the travellers.

We can also arrange Airport pick-up and drop-offs for an extra fee.

How are excursions and activities planned during the stay?

Travellers who want to plan trips either solo or in groups can leverage the concierge that is available to them 24/7 for questions about what trips are available and further details. They will be able to assist travelers in the booking process as well.

What resources are available to members during stays?

Group Communication: Travellers of each Villa will be placed in a Whatsapp group chat prior to the trip to have a chance to get acquainted and introduce each other. This chat will remain active throughout the stay.

Concierge Service: A concierge is assigned to every Villa and will be available by Whatsapp 24/7 to help travellers with planning/logistics and answer any questions about transportation, entertainment, tours, local gems, etc. 

Emergency Contact: In the case of an emergency, travellers will be given a contact they can reach out to 24/7 for support.